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  • Learn how to start LOVING yourself again

    Sometimes Loving yourself can be one of the most difficult things can as women can do. We are taught and learn how to LOVE everyone else (ex: our kids, parents, spouses or significant others, jobs, etc). Sometimes LOVING OURSELVES, because we also tend to look at “our flaws.” Read below to a few strategies on how to learn how LOVE YOUR AGAIN!

    Give yourself a bit of GRACE!

    The basic definition of Grace is to freely give, unmerited favor……but what does that REALLY mean? The gift of grace is to freely give something that may or may not be deserved. Expecting little in return. We give grace all the time to others, but how OFTEN to we give it to ourselves?

    It starts by something simple (acceptance, forgiveness & permission). Think about the many times throughout the day you have beat yourself up internally:

    -Can you forgive yourself for getting upset at the supermarket…even though you are trying to work on your anger ?

    -Can your give yourself “permission” to take 30 mins. a day for YOU?

    -Can you accept yourself for who YOU are today? Not who you wish to be, becoming and the person from your past.

    Grace is limitless……it provides endless possibilities, a great stress reliever and sometimes the answer to unknown prayer. Try it today!!! Show yourself and bit of Grace today.

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    Image by: Jess Bailey Designs