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    You’ve found your new job…now let’s check out your briefcase

    Deciding on a new job or career can be one of the most important decisions a woman makes in her life. Sometimes it’s like wondering “through a field of dreams” trying to find out the BEST career path, determining what’s the BEST salary for you & your family, figuring out how to networking, working past the nerves & anxiety as a new employee.

    As the job progresses other questions arise: Am I good enough?DId I make the right decision? How do I manage a healthy work-life balance? These are all questions that each professional has asked themselves at some point during their career. My response to that question is…LET’S look INSIDE your briefcasee!

    The BRIEFCASE symbolizes the skills you have learned throughout your lifetime. The areas of resiliency you tackled, setbacks you’ve overcame, doubts that were diminished. When you think about those times ask yourself the following questions:

    -How can I use what I learned in those situations to help me professionally?

    -What are the resources available to me that maybe beneficial?

    -Am I exploring ALL of my options, or taking the easy, most comfortable route?

    -What times get tough….. how can I effectively handle the “pressure?”

    Looking at and remembering the tools you have in your BRIEFCASE, can help you take a closer look at yourself. In doing so, it will help you determine if the career path you are choosing is the BEST path for you.

    If you feel it time to “explore” further open up the BRIEFCASE, and move forward to seek out additional support. Remember the tools you have within you will assist you on your journey. You’ve Got This!!

    Photos by: Jonathan Francisca & Ono Kosuki